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Blessed Hope Baptist Church is missions-minded church, dedicated to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ locally and abroad.  In obedience to Christ's mandate that we should go and preach the Gospel unto every creature, we are pleased to support more than 45 missionaries in their endeavors.  Through our Faith Promise Missions Program, we share in our finances and prayer lives to see the Great Commission fulfilled.

To learn more about a specific missionary, click on their name in the chart below.  For your convenience, their email addresses and websites are listed next to their names and mission focus areas.

Some missionaries that we support are not included in this list, and there is a special reason for that.  It would be a danger to them or their families to publish their identities.  We we ask that you pray for their safety in their obedience to the tasks the Lord has put before them in dangerous parts of the world, and give thanks to our gracious Father who blesses us with the gift of living in a country where we are free to worship and speak His name freely.  You need not know their names in order to lift them up in prayer; the Lord knows them well!

Missionary Focus Area E-mail Address Website
Jeff and Debbie Allison Family Czech Republic czechjba@gmail.com  
Connie & Sandrine Anderson Haiti connieanderson@mwbm.org n/a
Todd & Debbie Anderson Armed Forces:  Twenty Nine Palms, California tada98@juno.com www.freedombaptist29.com
Jeff & DeAnn Andrews Family Spain jefe40472@gmail.com www.thatallmayknow.net
Michelle Bass Bible Translation translator@steppinginthelight.com  
Rick & Dawn Bell USA Evangelism/Handicapped Ranch    
Burdette & Mary Jane Bergen Germany BMJBergen@cs.com  
Ben Childs Family Papua, New Guinea bchilds@baptistworldmission.org www.baptistworldmission.org/
Christian Law Association (David Gibbs) USA/Christian Liberties Info@christianlaw.org www.christianlaw.org/cla/
B.J. Cormier Family Deaf of Kenya, Africa cormiers2kenya@yahoo.com http://www.cormiers2kenya.org/
Adam & Brandie Crabtree Family Greece mail@thecrabtree.org www.thecrabtree.org
Mike & Teresa Gardner Helping Hands Ministry of Camarillo, CA mtgardner@juno.org  
Brian & Liesel George Family Argentina argentinabrg@yahoo.com OR briangeorge@fbmi.org www.byfaithletsgoforward.com
Kevin & Korli Hall Family South Africa kevin@hallsinafrica.com  www.hallsinafrica.com
Mark & Michelle Harwood Family Canada harwoodcanada@hotmail.com  
James & Anna Huckabee Family Uganda, Africa jhuckabee@bimi.org www.missionuganda.com
Jeremy & Jessica Huston Family USA/Church Planters pastorjeremyhuston@gmail.com http://www.foundationbaptist-illinois.com/pastorspage.htm
Wesley & Evelyn Hutchens Jamaica, West Indies wesleyhutchens@mwbm.org  
Travis & Angela Lewis Family Philippines tanngeeall@aol.com http://lewisinthephilippines.com/
Angel Lopez Family Guatemala angellopez@fbmi.org http://www.fbmi.org/cgi-bin/missions.pl?action=missionary&mid=31
Derek & Rebecca Loewen Family USA/Church Planting   http://bhbcmontana.blogspot.com/
Mike & Rosalyn Marshall Family Armed Forces, VA mgmarshall@netzero.net www.marshallminutes.org
Ricky & Brandie Martin Family Philippines rickymartinjunior@hotmail.com




Robert & Joy Murillo Family Mexico missionarymurillo@hotmail.com http://www.missionarymurillo.com/
Daniel & Christine Norton Family Kyrgyz Republic dcanorton@gmail.com  
Marc & Charin Patton Family Hungary patton@invitel.hu  
George & Shelly Pordea Family Romania georgepordea@fbmi.org  
Jeff Porter Family South Africa    
Scott Rackley Family Madagascar   sndmadagascar@yahoo.com
Omar & Tracy Schrock Family Brazil    
Chad & Sandy Sellers Family Nepal    
Larry Skipper Family Rock of Ages Prison Ministries lnj4447@centurytel.net  
Billie Sloan Mexico mimitomany@hotmail.com  
Lydia Smith Bible College Student    
Daniel & Paula Solomon International Board of Jewish Missions:  Florida kingsolomon@juno.com  
Alisha Stensaas Uganda, Africa    
Tim & Lisa Ungry Family Arctic Alaska topoftheworld_preachin@juno.com  
David & Favianna Velasquez Family Spain david@thatallmayknow.net OR davidvelasquez@mwbm.org www.thatallmayknow.net
Ray & Linda Watson International Board of Jewish Missions:  Boston, MA    
James & Shirley Waymire Baptist Ministry International jameswaymire@juno.com www.worldmissions.org
Tom & Jennine Williams Prayer & Evangelism tomwilliams@twwm1.com www.twwm1.com

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