Connie & Sandrine Anderson

The Anderson saga is one of inspiration, strength, love and obedience.

Read what Fred Kindhart, fellow missionary with Macedonia World Baptist Missions, shares about the Andersons: 

"I want to go back to stay."

..and certainly he did!

 On Tuesday, April the 3rd, 2007, veteran missionary Terry Anderson went home to be with the Lord he loved and served.  Terry was only 64 years old.

Bro. Anderson died in Haiti, the field he loved, among the people he loved, as he sat down to rest on a mountain trail, returning from preaching a funeral in one of the churches they had started.  The natives that were walking with him said, "as he sat there, he looked toward the town of Petit Goave at the foot of the mountain and said a prayer; looked at the houses scattered across the mountain and said a prayer; and then looked at his house on down the mountain and said a prayer.  He then laid over and became unconscious."

Recently as I talked with Dr. Thurman Wade, our General Director, he reminisced about 23 years ago when the Andersons joined Macedonia.  Soon after that, they went to fill in for a missionary family that had to leave Haiti.  Bro. Terry came back and told Dr. Wade, "I want to go back to stay."  That is certainly what the Andersons have done.  In the midst of civil uprising and many difficult things happening that caused most missionaries to leave Haiti, the Andersons stayed in the mountainous area  where they went to build churches, and now an orphanage as well.  The Andersons have seldom taken furloughs and the ones they have taken have been brief, with a burning urgency to get back to the people they loved and the place they served.

Please keep our dear Sister Connie Anderson in your prayers.  By God's grace, she plans to stay in Haiti and continue the work there in the orphanage.  She will need God's grace and protection as she faithfully gives of her life to keep the love of God and the gospel message reaching out to the the native people of Haiti.

We will soon add more information and pictures about the Andersons and their ministry.  Be sure to come back and visit soon.  We trust that the life and service of this man and his family will encourage all of us to do more to help spread the Gospel of our Lord around the world.


Today, Miss Connie and her precious adopted daughter, Sandrine, continue the work with the Hatian people and orphans. 


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